Have you reached that inevitable, uncomfortable point of disenchantment in your life? The place where each day seems duller than the last and getting out of bed seems like torture?

If so, you’ve reached the destination our disconnection naturally leads to. Some reach it sooner than others but everyone gets here eventually.

You arrive at this place when it dawns on you that there must be something else, something greater than you’ve experienced.

Now that you’re here you have three choices. You can force yourself to adapt to this half life, seek to find a non-existent way out or you can pass through the Urban Shaman’s Gateway.

The first way leads eventually to despair. Whilst the second appears admirable, it’s an impossible task . Only the third can guarantee you an exciting adventure of connection that will lead you down roads in which you’ll learn to feel deserving, worthwhile and complete by fusing with your higher self, your community and the spirits of the land.

I’m the Urban Shaman, your guide into the worlds of What If, Why Not  and Who Said. Together we’ll look at things in new ways, combine ancient wisdom with modern living and save ourselves, the spirits and the world from the curse of the mundane. Welcome to the Gateway, See you on the other side.

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