Shaman Path Step 3-Fear OF The Unknown

In this video I talk about the second step on the Shamanic Path, fear of the unknown.

I explain what it is and how it can affect your life as well as giving you two simple and effective strategies to get rid of it.

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Shaman Path Step 2- Personal Power

In this video I talk about the second step on the Shamanic Path, personal power.

I show you how you can tell if you’re standing in your personal power and share some tips and practices of how you can get there if you’re not.

If you don’t have the time to listen right now or you’d like to save the mp3 version of this talk so you can work with it at your convenience, you can download my podcast instead.

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Shaman Path Step 1- Dreaming

In this first video about the Shaman path (there will be 12 in all), I talk about what the Shaman path is and acquaint you with the first essential step, dreaming.

If you don’t have the time to listen right now or you’d like to save the mp3 version of this talk so you can work with it at your convenience, you can download my podcast instead.

Leave feedback, ask questions and if you need some help working past your dreaming blocks, let’s work together to demolish them

A Brief Introduction And Recruitment

Hello Traveller,

I’m really excited for this upcoming year for so many reasons. One of the biggest is that the spirits have charged me with doing more works both in my immediate community and in the global one.

I know from experience that what they wish is beyond the scope and abilities of one man, so I’m starting to recruit. Watch this video to find out more.

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Now Is The Time For Action

Once I believed the more people that awakened to their gifts the better the world would become. With more workers, Eden and Nirvana could be easily achieved.

To my sadness, my journey has proven this isn’t the case. In today’s world, a greater number are awakening  than when I wore a younger man’s skin but we’ve never been so close to Ragnarok (the end of days). Why?

Because the awakening alone is not enough. The ability to do miraculous deeds is not enough. Regardless of the title you choose (Shaman, Witch, Christian, Buddhist, or all around good guy/gal) your abilities are worth nothing unless they’re being used to make the Universe an exceptional place.

If we insist on using our vast power to serve only ourselves and for living out the disconnected ideals we’ve been handed down (eat, work, amass toys and die) there is no hope.

Life is about loving all and taking decisive actions to ensure the best outcomes for the Universe and all her inhabitants.

Awakened brothers and sisters, especially those that work with spirits, it’s time to step up and not be counted with those that still sleep.

See the sacredness in your gifts and walk away from those that would see them as entertainment or attempt to cling to them for security with no intentions of improving their or anyone else’s lot.

Even now, the horn of Heimdall nears his lips. Let’s give him a reason to return it to its resting spot.



Don’t Just Adapt

When changes come, the typical response is to wail, grieve, complain and finally adapt.

This can be extremely positive or negative depending on what the changes are. Adapting can be your salvation or your soul assassin.

I was numb for a large part of my life because I accepted everything is as it is. In so doing, I crunched my creative power down deep.

In response it filled my belly with fury. Emotionally, I never felt much except a white hot rage.

When I I wasn’t erupting outward and ruining someone else’s life, I was torturing myself. Life was literally a living hell for awhile.

Then I was taught about power and how I could use it to alter the way changes affected me. Before long, as I realised just how much input I have in creating my life, everything turned around.

Life was good for a long while.

Then, and I’m not even sure at what point this occured, I found myself squelching my creativity once more and using my gifts in regimental ways. I think I believed that in so doing I could reach a greater variety of people.

I was wrong. All that  happened was that I appeared generic, something I’ve always abhorred.

Even though I wasn’t happy and I wanted out, I found myself locked in place for time. How do you make the announcement that you’re sort of what you appear yet something altogether different?

Power hemorrhage to the nth degree!

Then the spirits made me painfully aware of the destructive spiral I was re-creating, in ways only spirits can. I baled the banana boat and focused on reclaiming my power.

Today I stand in my own power, a much more free and happy man. I know building and retaining power is a life long pursuit but it’s not difficult if you remain aware and take it one step at a time.







Spiders On The Web Of Wyrd

Although many don’t recognise it, we’re all spiders, spinning our fates between the worlds. Our web designs are complicated and none of the threads will lead us from point A to point B.

Regardless we all ultimately end up at all the same mainline junctures, where our choices then determine the specific destinations we find ourselves in. This makes us both same and unique. No life is identical in the web of Wyrd.

That’s what makes every choice you make at those junctures crucial. Your choices determine whether you’ll get the life of your dreams or some unexpected variation (One’s not necessairly better than the other because sometimes dreams are based upon ignorance). No pressure, right?

So how can you know you’ll make the best decisions when you hit those crucial points? In all honesty, you don’t. You can only make what seems the best choices at the time. That’s why you need to forgive yourself when and if you find you’ve made  horrible mistakes. Make restitution, if you can without further worsening the damage done (that’s only just), then let it go.

You can, however, guarantee that you’ll make a greater number of profitable decisions if you focus on both the short and long term effects they have upon yourself, your community, the spirits and the universe.

If you don’t believe your decisions to have that vast of an impact, I’d urge you to consider the butterfly effect Continue reading “Spiders On The Web Of Wyrd”

Thank You Demon- Sorry Its Been So Long Coming

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to share my tale of what brought me to the magickal path. I relived every second of the experience as I shared about the demon and the portal in my room.

Since the re-telling, my mind has casted me back to that point of time over and over. Until this morning I couldn’t figure out why. The re-telling wasn’t just a chance to communicate my past with another, it was a chance to realise some truths vital to my walk.

The demon I perceived to be tormenting me when it threatened to make my life a living hell was a messiah in disguise, a spirit sent to challenge me to accept my strengths and prepare me to volunteer to step into horrible places I wouldn’t have gone willingly.

It did these things not out of hate but out of a love I was too young and inexperienced to understand. It used my terror and my anger to prepare me for my calling.

Had it not been for my experience with it I’d never:

  • Been aware of portals, other spirits to interact with or the multiverse
  • Had a heart and understanding of why people are capable of great good as well as great evil
  • Learned to travel the multiverse and return to my time and place with helpful remedies for self and others
  • Overcome my fear of death
  • Become a Pastor, Witch or Shaman
  • Known of my gifts (those I share with others as well as those unique to me)

So this year when I walk the labyrinth in celebration for the return of the light, I will also cherish the darkness and thank the demon that made me so uncomfortable that I willingly stepped through my first portal and claimed my power for the first time.

The Day Of Reckoning

Today was the day of reckoning and it didn’t sit well with me. I’d been procrastinating and making excuses to hold the event off but I knew I couldn’t keep it up forever. Finally I bowed my knee to the fact that today was it.

I felt hopeful and anxious all the way to the store, desperate to know but terrified of being disappointed. What brought all these polar thoughts and emotions together? Nothing less than trying on a pair of jeans one waist size less than the ones I’m currently wearing.

During my juice detox I appeared to have lost a fair amount of weight (not my intention or goal when I went on the detox). I chose to wait at least a couple of weeks after adding solid foods back into my diet before finding out if there was any reduction to my waistline. Today marks three weeks.

When I searched the racks I couldn’t find a pair of jeans in my size. Setback, yes, but I had to know. I just had to. I grabbed a pair that was two inches too long and headed for the fitting rooms, dreading what the mirror would reveal.

Adding to my angst was the atmosphere. The fitting rooms were all full save one. I passed a family standing outside an open door, loudly complimenting and praising their child’s choice of clothing. Further I went; finally, occupying a room next to a small lady that appeared as uncomfortable as I with us being  neighbours.

Once in, I bolted the door, took a few deep breaths and mentally prepared for any eventuality. I gave my double in the mirror a good luck thumbs up just prior to dropping my jeans and pulling on the ones with the desired waist size.

I buttoned and zipped them without having to strain. That was a good sign indeed. They felt wonderful. I looked in the mirror to see my reflection grinning from ear to ear. We were both impressed with the look, save the length. That looked clownish.

Just before I let out an almighty whoop, I remembered where I was. Quietly, I put my soon to be retired baggy jeans on and walked out of the fitting rooms glowing.

What an awesome way to start the day!


What You Heard Wasn’t What I Said

Hello Traveller,

I was out with Lyn this morning for a cup of tea. Whilst we were ordering, an acquaintance stopped by to congratulate us on completing our juicing experiment.

After telling us how radiant and thin we appeared, he asked if we had done the whole experiment for the purpose of losing weight. We explained we had not and that we don’t even own a scale. At that, he nodded sagely and said, “You know the weight will all come back don’t you?” He then continued to tell us about some friends of his and their yo yo diets.

Did he not hear that the aims of our 30 days of juicing had nothing to do with weight loss? To top it off, he made the assumption that we hadn’t considered all the risks of protein deficiency, weight variation being one of the least, and accounted for them. In the beginning of the second week, after the initial detoxification, we included high in protein additives such as spirulina, to our drinks.

Once the dieting stories were told, he ended with the sage advice to include protein from the very beginning should we ever choose to go on another juice quest because it would stop our weight from going up and down. AArgh!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the advice and subsequent stories were given with the best of intentions. However, they would have been so unnecessary if he had just listened to our response to his initial question.

We didn’t bother to correct him. Unless they are in the moment, consciously listening, people tend to hear what they believe to be true and respond accordingly. It’s as if they’re in a perpetual state of communicating with themselves rather than with other unique individuals.

As I considered this, my spirit caused my mind to flash and I saw all the times I’d behaved in the exact same manner. It was humbling to say the least.

With so many different ways of perceiving reality and our predisposition to assume that others must see things as we do, is it any wonder the world is in such a state?

Traveller, if we want a better now and an even better tomorrow for the generations that follow, we must committ to being fully in the now. When we listen, we need to see the speaker as the most important person in our lives and truly hear what he or she is trying to communicate. In addition,we must at that moment suspend our own judgements, beliefs, emotions and filters.

If we can do this with thankful hearts, world peace can be the legacy we leave behind.


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