What You Heard Wasn’t What I Said

Hello Traveller,

I was out with Lyn this morning for a cup of tea. Whilst we were ordering, an acquaintance stopped by to congratulate us on completing our juicing experiment.

After telling us how radiant and thin we appeared, he asked if we had done the whole experiment for the purpose of losing weight. We explained we had not and that we don’t even own a scale. At that, he nodded sagely and said, “You know the weight will all come back don’t you?” He then continued to tell us about some friends of his and their yo yo diets.

Did he not hear that the aims of our 30 days of juicing had nothing to do with weight loss? To top it off, he made the assumption that we hadn’t considered all the risks of protein deficiency, weight variation being one of the least, and accounted for them. In the beginning of the second week, after the initial detoxification, we included high in protein additives such as spirulina, to our drinks.

Once the dieting stories were told, he ended with the sage advice to include protein from the very beginning should we ever choose to go on another juice quest because it would stop our weight from going up and down. AArgh!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the advice and subsequent stories were given with the best of intentions. However, they would have been so unnecessary if he had just listened to our response to his initial question.

We didn’t bother to correct him. Unless they are in the moment, consciously listening, people tend to hear what they believe to be true and respond accordingly. It’s as if they’re in a perpetual state of communicating with themselves rather than with other unique individuals.

As I considered this, my spirit caused my mind to flash and I saw all the times I’d behaved in the exact same manner. It was humbling to say the least.

With so many different ways of perceiving reality and our predisposition to assume that others must see things as we do, is it any wonder the world is in such a state?

Traveller, if we want a better now and an even better tomorrow for the generations that follow, we must committ to being fully in the now. When we listen, we need to see the speaker as the most important person in our lives and truly hear what he or she is trying to communicate. In addition,we must at that moment suspend our own judgements, beliefs, emotions and filters.

If we can do this with thankful hearts, world peace can be the legacy we leave behind.


Splash Down

Hello Traveller,

What was I thinking?

I honestly believed I’d walk out of juicing and take off happily eating my vegan foods in smaller doses. Since it’s all I wanted during 30 days of liquid, Lyn made me a sun dried tomato, olive and spinach spelt wrap.

With mouth watering, I pounced on it. I almost forgot to chew 20 times with the first two mouth fulls. The taste was incredible! Unfortunately, my body rejected ithe meal.

The minute I finished the meal my body felt as exhausted as it used to feel prior to my juicing days. Two hours after that, I found my positive thoughts towards self, others and my business turning truly ugly.

It took me hours to pull our of it. In fact, I didn’t lighten up until after I practiced my Tai Chi.

When I took the time to pendulum the cause, I discovered it was the spelt bread. It appears my new body has a new set of rules. Initially, I felt a little sorry for myself and I began to think of all the things I’ve given up over the years.

Then I had to laugh. Given up? Really? Everything not currently in my diet I willingly chose to release for the betterment of my mind and body. In addition, there has never been a time when I released a certain food or beverage that the gods and goddesses didn’t deliver me one that I enjoyed even more (usually with more benefits for my health).

Today, my body is pulsing with predomitly raw foods and I am soaring again. I am beautiful. Everyone else is beautiful. As for my business? It’s my passion and I love every bit of it, even the challenges and the learning curves.

I apologised to my body and additionally committed to penduluming all foods before I offered them to it.

So, wish me well travelers. My journey has taken an interesting bend and I’ve never been more excited or prepared to flow with it.


I Was The Pigeon

I was a mess when I got out of bed

This morning I got out of bed with heavy lidded eyes and a snarl. Predictably, all my morning tasks went awry and cost me what seemed like hours of extra work. With each act, I became more and more distraught.

I knew I had to get a grip before my emotions peaked; that always ends badly. The trouble was, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly how I felt or what had caused my initial distress.

I sat down at my breakfast bar while the kettle was heating and I thought and thought. Nothing came. In fact, the harder I thought the more elusive the feeling became. It was like pursuing a ghost.

Something had to be done

I knew I didn’t have much time left before meltdown and I felt so helpless. I decided to take one last pace through the conservatory before I greeted the world.

It was then that my eye caught a movement in the tree. I looked out into the dark grey morning and saw a wood pigeon swaying on a branch, chest puffed out due to the chill.

Instantly, my unconscious mind made the connection. I felt like that pigeon swaying on a branch, alone and in an icy environment.

What does that mean? I can’t tell you for sure, partially because I still need time to process it fully and partially because bits of it are only for the symbolic part of my mind and the rational part isn’t capable of comprehending it.

Changing my mental picture changed my mood instantly

Now that I had a picture of what my distraught feeling looked like, I could change it. If feeling as I did was like a pigeon swaying on a branch to me, all I had to do was to imagine that pigeon peacefully pecking at bread on a patch of warm grass surrounded by his flock.

I did just that for five minutes and my mood began to lighten. Later I’ll use hypnosis to put me into a completely relaxed state and rehearse the peaceful pigeon scenario a few times. This will complete the mood change as well as anchor a picture in my unconscious that I can use to stabilise my thoughts should I find myself in a similar distraught place on another occasion.

Misplaced energy

Who needs misplaced energy?

It brings chaos, confusion and distress. Sometimes, when it isn’t returned to its source quick enough, it even brings death.

Who in her right mind would seek these things?

Yet, everything exists and acts for a reason; there are no coincidences. Thus, there must be a reason for energies jumping there tracks and winding up in places they don’t belong.

For years I’ve pondered this.

If you are someone that’s been called to bring balance to the multiverse, your calling is to be perpetually putting out fires, sometimes before they’re even lit.

And once you’ve returned the misplaced energy to its rightful place, there’s no guarantee it won’t go wandering off again if given half a chance. When some realise this, they groan, “What’s the point?”

I must admit, I’ve asked this same question hundreds of times.

These are my current thoughts on this matter.

As humans, we have the constant need to expand at all levels. However, for some reason I don’t understand, no one (at least that I’ve encountered to date) has the motivation to become everything he can. This dichotomy breeds an apathy, that if left alone, will result in the human race standing still and sluggishly watching as the multiverse crumbles around its ears.

Often it takes something abrupt and unpleasant, if not completely painful, to cause people to band together and seek a way to return the balance. Enter misplaced energy.

I’ve come to believe, for now, at this point in our evolution, that misplaced energy is our salvation. It brings both purpose and the necessary motivation to fulfil it.

When I consider all the things that make life beautiful and worth living, I can’t think of one that isn’t the product of returning misplaced energy to its home.

Do you agree or do you have a different perspective of misplaced energy?

Share your thoughts Traveller, that we all may learn and grow.

3 Urban shaman practices to keep you fit

As an urban shaman called to help bring balance to the multiverse, it’s your duty to always be prepared to adventure at a moment’s notice. Only the spirits know when youu’re likely to be called upon for a soul extraction, soul retrieval or other important spirit work. When someone needs your help, you don’t want them to find you dazed, confused and unsure of how to proceed.

To stay on the cutting edge requires you to have a spiritual workout daily.

Here are some of the things you can do on off days to make sure you’re ready to launch on the drop of a dime.

Bond with spirits you’ve never worked with before

Before you take your daily journey, consider some of reasons someone’s most likely to seek you out. Select a spirit that specialises in that need and pay it a visit. Make sure to bring a gift or be willing to perform a service to repay its generosity in granting you hospitality and time.

On these type of journeys your intent isn’t to collect knowledge but to broaden your contact base. In order to know the best spirit to meet the specific needs brought to you, you must know and be on good terms with a good number of spirits, the more the better.

During your visit, learn as much as you can about the spirit your visiting. Take notes of its likes, dislikes, temperament, goals (personal and otherwise) and if it’s interested in allying either now or in the future.

When you return home write everything down.

Do this every day that you’re not in the middle of spirit work, and you’ll soon have a large list of helpful spirits that you can call on as you have the need.

Visit known and allied spirits

In addition to building your spirit contact base, it’s essential to maintain good relations with the spirits you already know, especially those allied with you.

Connection is all important. I can’t say how the spirits feel or process the connections you give them but I do know they need and expect them. I say this because many of the spirits you visit will appear distant, cold and uncaring at least part of the time. This is only because they aren’t anything like you, energetically speaking.

Just continue to be respectful and accept however they choose to present themselves without expectation. Spirits are straight shooters. If they don’t want you about, they’ll make it quite clear, usually with a threat or an  attack. If neither occurs, understand its enjoying your company in some unexplainable manner.

When visiting spirits you’re familiar with, don’t talk shop. Find out what they’ve been doing, ask caring questions and volunteer to help them if you spot a need. When you sense they’ve shared all they wish, let them know what you’ve been doing. All those little things you find mundane or downright boring can often be of great interest to the spirits.

Track an energy ball

Before you can transform and balance misplaced energy, you must be able to track it down. The faster you can track, the quicker you can help those that have come to you for aid.

On one of your off days, use your intent to create a small energy ball. Make it the colour and the size of your choice. I usually choose to make them red and about the size of a golf ball.

Once made release it into the multiverse with the explicit directions to hide itself in a distant hard to find and reach locality. Explain that it’s to stay hidden until found or for 24 hours, whichever comes first.

With the aid of your guiding spirit journey into the multiverse to find it. This is a no holds barred tactical experience. Work with your intuition, your shamanic skills and any willing contacts to zero in on and retrieve your energy ball.




Respect and Evolution

Magick is the universal force that flows in, through and around everything. It is forever changing and because it changes so does everything.

Attempting to harness magick in the same way the ancients did, while respectful, can severely limit your growth. Evolution demands new ways.

Does this mean the old ways are no longer valid? Quite the opposite. The spiritual arts of our ancestors are foundational. You need to understand the core concerns behind their traditions and rituals because those same core concerns are yours as well. However, the way you address them needs to be different.

Our ancestors were inventive and wise. When it was time for spirit work, they called upon the most appropriate spirits and made use of their environments, the elements and common, easily obtainable items. And, they did this with a passionate, inventive flair that guaranteed results.

Many of the successful  rituals were written down, not so they could be repeated step by step but so they could inspire those who read them to rise up and get the same positive results by creating a new rituals that factored in their environments, the elements prevalent in their locale and easily obtainable items they could attach meaning to in their time.

Save the re-enactments for times when you wish to honour your ancestors. For everyday spirit work, boldly create new and unique methods of manifestation with the aid of your spirit allies.

If you’re working with one of the ancient spirits and you wish to show respect to its tradition while creating your own artful manifestation technique, I would suggest using a bridge.

Find a symbol, sigil, or veve that represents its origin and use it along the side of a new symbol or sigil you created to represent it.

This shows the spirit you know and respect what it once was and that you understand its evolution.

Using this bridge technique during your modernized rituals will often lead to awesome, heart moving connections with your spirit allies.




Cleansing as defined by an urban shaman

If you’re into reading mainstream magickal books, you’ll probably notice that the majority of them use the terms ‘cleansing’ and ‘sacred space’ interchangeably. As long as this supports and works with their beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with it. As is the truth in all magickal paths, there’s no right or wrong; there are just ways, thoughts and beliefs that work for you and those that don’t.

Cleansing and sacred space are two unrelated concepts to an urban shaman.

In my belief system, one can’t create sacred space because every place in the multiverse is part of the Source’s creation and therefore sacred. A land can be swamped with negative energy but that doesn’t take from its sacredness. It’s like when you catch a cold. You’re filled with negative energy but you’re no less divine.

When I’m ready to perform my spirit work, I have powerful spirit allies that keep any negativity in my environment away from me. I can do magick anywhere in the blink of an eye without the need to ritually prepare a spot.

Cleansing is an act of adding, removing and rearranging energy to create a positive transformation. It can be used on beings objects and lands. Once something or someone is cleansed, positive energy will prevail unless its later altered in some way.

To perform a cleansing requires intention, the power of your allied gods flowing through you and good visualisation. Weave the three artfully and you’ll easily transform even the most negative of places and beings.

Here’s one of my favourite cleansing methods:

  • Journey to goddesses and gods that specialise in transformation and healing. Tell them specifically what you wish to cleanse and how you intend that cleansing to benefit the multiverse.
  • If they’re sympathetic to your cause, request them to channel their power through you at an agreed upon time. Use your intuition as to the number of goddesses and gods you visit for this purpose.
  • At the agreed upon time, enter an altered state by your favoured manner and focus on the person or object you wish cleansed.
  • Intend for the target to be balanced by imagining it in a pristine healthy state. Imagine in as much detail as you can using all five senses, trusting the multiverse to fill in any details you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Open yourself up and allow the power of your goddess and god allies to flow through you
  • Know it has been done whether you’re sensitive enough to feel it or not
  • Thank the goddesses and gods for their aid
  • Carry on with your day

This technique may be used close up or from a distance.


Working with urban spirits: It starts with a name

Part of your divine mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ally with all the other positive spirits to bring healing and balance to the multiverse and to all those that inhabit it.

In order for this to be possible, you must first form relationships with the various spirits, both old and new. This isn’t as difficult as you may think. Although many spirits can’t be seen due to their vibratory differences, they have some of the same basic needs as you and I.

Love, respect, loyalty and a willingness to ensure that everyone benefits from all your actions are the key ingredients to all successful relationships.

There is, however, an additional act that will guarantee a brilliant start to your relationship with urban spirits. Don’t panic! I promise this is more easily given than the other requirements.

“What is it?”, you ask with one eyebrow raised and a highly skeptical and bemused look on your face.

It’s all in a name. No, I’m not being a wise guy. The truth is, due to the way in which they came into being, most urban spirits, even the goddesses and gods, don’t have specific names; instead they have titles.

At least for the time, they’ve accepted the neglect they’ve been dealt, at least to a certain degree. In my mind this speaks volumes. The majority of the old spirits tend to be far less understanding. If you think I’m stretching it, read the old myths of just about any culture and you’ll find that those who insulted the old spirits tended to pay heavy tolls.

What name do you give a goddess, god or lesser spirit? Can you feel pressure coming in and threatening to choke you? Don’t!

Make it a fun project. When you and a spirit are determining if there’s alliance potential, get a feel for its essence and suggest a name. After all, as long as it’s respectful, the worst that could happen is the spirit would reject it. This will open a dialogue and most likely an agreed name will be reached.

Whether or not a name is decided upon, the spirit will be touched with your attention and intention. You’ll have made a very positive first impression and provided you can follow it up with the other basics, you’ll have won a valuable friend and ally.

When goddesses and gods don’t intervene

What happens when you implore the goddesses and gods and you seemingly receive nothing, not even a response to your cries? Have they not heard you, deemed your request too trivial to intervene or perhaps abandoned you altogether?

Understandably, these things seem possible, especially when you’re distraught or emotionally overwrought. However, there might be a  far more simple answer.

Goddesses and gods are the creators and experts in their fields. They tend to intervene primarily in life and death situations, when there are no hopes and there isn’t anyone left to turn to.

Until those situations arise, and they do so far less frequently than you would think (most situations just seem dire when you’re in the midst of them), goddesses and gods are a bit more selective.

It’s not that they’re being obtuse, they just expect you to work through what you can with the aid of others and lesser spirits first. Most situations can be resolved in this manner. That’s why the goddesses and gods in their infinite wisdom created the spiritual hierarchy.

You may of course bypass the lesser spirits and journey to where goddesses and gods dwell. Just don’t be surprised if they acknowledge you only long enough to tell you the name of a lesser spirit to work with.

When that happens, don’t be offended. Understand that they’re not insulting you but lovingly sending you to the one they created for the job.

By expecting all your healing and answers to come solely through the goddesses and gods, you may miss out on all the help that other enlightened humans and lesser spirits are meant to, and will willingly, provide.



Knowledge Junky Or Transformist

Today, thanks to the information highway, you can know enough to enhance any part of your life within minutes. Want to learn new healing, exercise, spiritual or counselling techniques? No problem.

There are thousands of sites dedicated to educating you on any subject. Some dispense the information without charge, seeing themselves as modern-day Robin Hoods passing information to those that don’t have the finances to pay for it. Others believe the exchange of the energies, knowledge for money, is necessary to maintain a harmonic balance.

Depending how well the site owner makes herself and her materials known, she could easily have thousands of hits on a daily basis. Multitudes of people from all over the world researching life changing information.

Sounds awesome. Doesn’t it? However, before you applaud, stamp your feet and send your ‘well dones’ ricocheting into the heavens, take a few moments to consider what’s being done with the information.

From what I’ve experienced, not much at all. Crowds go from one website to the next and from teacher to teacher, stopping to learn just enough to make them dangerous before they rush onward. Never satisfied; always something new to learn before helping those around them.

What good are masses of the informed? Currently, they have as much value to the Source as the uninformed.

Don’t misunderstand where I’m coming from. I understand insecurity and a howling emptiness that needs filling is the culprit. Everyone wants to feel as if she’s someone special. However, all the research in the world will never give anyone that feeling.

In fact, the opposite occurs. The more you research the more inadequate you’ll feel. It becomes a vicious circle. Study…..feel as if you don’t know enough….take another class or try a different mentor….study….rinse and repeat.

The only way ro break the chain is action. Research enough to get started in whatever you choose to research. Then, reach out and use what you’ve learned.

Continue using just what you’ve learned until you realise you need to learn more (this could be of the same nature or something completely different) to adequately help those you’re working with. The essence is for you to expand as they expand. They require more so you learn more.

Continue this pattern for the rest of your life, always fully making use of what you learn.

This might mean you don’t learn as much as you’ve convinced yourself you should. However, you’ll be healthier and happier over-all because you’re truly making a difference.

Don’t let the information age make you a knowledge junky.

Copyright Paul Thurman - The Urban Shaman

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