The top 3 spirits to serve and appease, a wrap up

Hello Traveller,

In the course of this mini series, I explained that the only way to have a fulfilling and happy life is to have a wide net of spirit allies. I went on to show you that this isn’t possible until you connect to, serve, and appease three very important spirits. I then presented you with a video on each, giving you simple steps on how to win their allegiance.

In this final video of this mini series I recap and highlight some of the important information I shared with you in the prior videos and encourage you to start working with spirits now.

The top 3 spirits to serve and appease 3- Your property spirit (genius loci)

Before you reach out to all the various spirits out there, it;s important to appease and serve the three that will have the most impact on both you and your practice: your’s, your house spirit, and your property spirit (commonly referred to as your genius loci).

Having the allegiance of these three spirits will make or break you.

In this video I share how to serve and appease your genius loci. In addition I explain why it’s vital to your sense of security that your house spirit works in tandem with it.

The top 3 spirits to serve and appease 2- Your house spirit

Hello Traveller,

Other than your own spirit, one of the most important spirits to appease and serve is your house spirit.

In this video I explain why this is so as well as share some ideas on how you can garnish the its goodwill.

Remember that magick is an art that must be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. Approach this video with an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

The top 3 spirits to serve and appease 1- Your spirit

Hello Traveller,

Before attempting to ally with other spirits, it’s essential that you learn to appease and serve your spirit first. If you don’t, you’ll spend your life as a slave to other spirits,  continuously manipulated to accomplish their agendas.

In this video I share three important things you can do to win your spirit’s allegiance.


The top 3 spirits to serve and appease, an introduction

Hello Traveller,

Many people believe that serving and appeasing spirits is a dated concept, totally irrelevant to today. They perceive it as superstitious mumbo jumbo, best suited for the ignorant and the eccentric. In reality, appeasing and serving spirits is all about connecting and interacting with our own and other spirits.

In this video, I explain why you would choose to do this. I also debunk some misconceptions.

Spirits are the way to redemption

Hello Traveller,

Even before the horrible Covid bug touched down, the world has been rapidly declining. Most blame global warming, pollution, the greenhouse effect and the wanton apathy of mankind. In truth, these are just symptoms pointing to something very important that we’ve lost over the years. All these things stem from our loss of connections to the spirits, beginning with our own.

In this video I expand upon my thoughts about this loss, what needs to be done, and the part I will play in turning things around.


Thank you 2020

Hello Traveller,

Tonight 2020 ends. Many are saying good riddance to it and that they’re glad to see its end. Admittedly, it has been a challenging year in many ways. Covid has taken away our comfort zones, killed hundreds of thousands and caused us to face our own mortality eye to eye. I lost both my father-in-law and one of my brothers-in-law and like you, I’ve been living in the various stages of the imposed lock down (with all the restrictions that are kit and parcel). This isn’t at all what I imagined my life would be like.

That being said, I don’t believe anyone’s life is as they fancied it would be. Ironically, that’s what makes life worth living. We would quickly find ourselves bored and apathetic if everything happened just as we planned or thought it should. The curve balls that life throws at us challenge us to grow, learn, reach out to others, and to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Losing sight of this causes us to wallow in self pity and fear, making us thankless and pathetic victims rather than the victors we were born to be.

To counter this, I’m challenging you to sit down with me before the New Year begins to remember and focus on all the blessings that took place in 2020. In doing this, you’ll be honouring a worthy spirit (2020) as well as acknowledging that life simply is. How you understand, feel about, and respond to it is based upon your focus.

I sincerely hope you will join me in honouring 2020 before welcoming in 2021.

Laughing at myself

I remember coming home sad and distressed one afternoon when I was six-years-old. A peer from school had followed me half way home, teasing me about something that was important to me at the time but I can’t remember now.

After giving me milk and cookies to show that she sympathised, my mother lifted my chin, looked me square in the eyes and said, “You’ve got to learn to laugh at all aspects of life, son, even the ones that don’t seem the least funny at first. If you can do this, you’ll make it easier for others to do the same and the stresses of life will be easier to bear.”

I took these words to heart, as I did everything my parents told me, and they’ve served me well through the years, at least until recently.

Putting together a plan for a social media calendar, I came up with the idea of putting up a weekly joke. The results were not at all what I expected. In several instances the jokes were taken seriously rather than as tongue in cheek, despite that fact I put a smiling face and the laugh out loud (Lol) abbreviation at the end.

After several Fridays of this, I feel disheartened. It seems sad that, in my opinion, so many people take everything far too serious and my admittedly corny jokes only seem to rub them the wrong way.

Since my goal was to bring a little laughter to everyone’s long and often manic weeks and I’ve so obviously failed to do that, I will no longer be posting jokes. However, I’ll still share humourous experiences from my own life, where the joke is obviously on me. Perhaps in that way I can still bring an occasional smile to the face of others.

Finding a funny side to the most agonising and awkward moments of my life has often been my redemption, and I will always be thankful for my mother’s suggestion to do so.

I know there’s a level of seriousness that’s necessary to make it through. However, laughter can clear the mind so better choices can be made as well as promote happiness and longevity.

The First Challenge Of My Second Life

I don’t deny that a person’s first life is fraught with challenges and difficulties. I remember countless times of wanting to chuck it all in when I was living mine.

I remember trying to find myself, as if it were yesterday. And with the memories come the dark emotions (fury, despair, angst and hate). Yes, I can still get in touch with and stir them quite easily. That’s why I tap them sparingly. Such dark energies are not meant for everyday use but for specialised works.

However, not yet a year into my second life, somewhat adept at working with my emotions, I find myself facing an unexpected challenge.

Now I question everything.

I look upon my creation, me, and I see so many flaws. I definitely was no artisan in my first life.

As I examine every detail in preparation for what I intend to be my greatest work, I wonder whether I should scrap it all and design something completely new and unique. Or, should the few well crafted bits be grafted in. Surely my earlier works weren’t complete dross? Or, perhaps they were.

Have I gained enough experience and skills during my first life to make this second better?

I’d like to believe so but honestly, I’m not so sure.

I’m stuck on the horns of a dilemma. I will be a year old in September and I have no choice but to create. It’s the natural order. However, I currently don’t have a tangible blueprint of what I that looks like.

The only piece of knowledge I have to cling to when my fears threaten to paralyse me is that whatever I create must be of service.

Desperately Seeking Me

I was talking to my mother the other night on the phone and she said something profound that blew all my synapses and catapulted me back to the time of my formation. A safe place where nothing is for certain and everything is possible. A place where I was everything and nothing, an undefined ghost both powerful and impotent. A creature to become.

The words that wiped away all I was and made my memories and future plans chaff in the wind? “You’re 50 now, at the beginning of your second life. Make sure you don’t waste it.”

When the realisation came that I wasn’t the Paul I thought I was, I did the respectful thing. With the Santa Muerte by my side I stood in a cemetery, grieving and celebrating at the same time. I grieved for the loss of someone I intimately knew but celebrated his life because his horrifying mistakes and occasional victories have forged my will and granted me a wealth of knowledge I’ll need to go forward.

Filled to the brim with loneliness, I stand beside my death goddess and a small piskie at my final crossroad….my second life.

As I stand at the beginning of my final adventure in this world, unsure of who I am or what I’m destined to become, I feel naked and vulnerable.

Then I do the only thing I can. I adjust my trilby, invoke the spirits that have befriended me along the way and begin my new journey into the unknown, desperately seeking me and my part in the all.

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