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Most of your life is spent between home and work. Therefore, it’s important that you feel content and secure in both environments to successfully thrive. Sadly,  this may not be the case for you. Rather than contentment, you may feel sadness, anxiousness or depression each time you enter one or both of these places.

Sometimes there’s an obvious reason. Perhaps negative events have taken place or there’s a negative spirit or entity sharing your space. Much of the time, however, there isn’t an apparent cause.

Regardless of whether your reasons are straight forward or elusive, your adverse feelings are red flags. If you’re not comfortable and secure in your home and office environments, this needs to be addressed immediately. All discomfort comes from negative energy. The more intense the ill feelings, the greater the amount of negative energy present. Leave it alone, and it will only get worse. Negative energy attracts more negative energy as well as negative entities. Given a sufficient amount of time, negative energy will zap your finances and destroy your health.

The best way to reclaim your home and office is to regularly have them cleansed. Just as a regular cleaning keeps them looking comfortable and accommodating, a regular cleansing will keep their vibrations positive and prosperous. For decades now, I have performed house cleansings that have helped my clients feel secure and confident in their homes and offices by purging them of negative energies, spirits and entities.

How to schedule your home or office distance cleansing

After purchasing your distance cleansing, attach pictures or videos of the rooms you want cleansed to an email and send it to paul@paul-thurman.com Once I confirm your payment, I’ll respond with the date the cleansing will be performed


How do I know I need a house cleansing?

Anytime you feel uncomfortable in your home or work environments you need a cleansing. Whether you’re being plagued by a negative spirit or entity or you just have negative feelings when you step in to these places, a cleansing needs to be done as soon as possible.

How often should I have my home and office cleansed?

Providing you aren’t feeling any discomfort when at home or in the office, twice a year is usually sufficient. However, if stressful things frequently occur in either location, it would be wise to get it done more often. When you start feeling a resistance to go to your home or office, it’s time for a cleanse.

What is included in your house cleansing service?

I use a variety of methods to cleanse the negativity from your home or office. I cleanse every room from corner to corner including entryways, free spaces and objects. By the time I’m finished, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference. Once I’m done, I will give you suggestions on how to maintain and cultivate the positive energy until your next cleanse.

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