Don’t Just Adapt

When changes come, the typical response is to wail, grieve, complain and finally adapt.

This can be extremely positive or negative depending on what the changes are. Adapting can be your salvation or your soul assassin.

I was numb for a large part of my life because I accepted everything is as it is. In so doing, I crunched my creative power down deep.

In response it filled my belly with fury. Emotionally, I never felt much except a white hot rage.

When I I wasn’t erupting outward and ruining someone else’s life, I was torturing myself. Life was literally a living hell for awhile.

Then I was taught about power and how I could use it to alter the way changes affected me. Before long, as I realised just how much input I have in creating my life, everything turned around.

Life was good for a long while.

Then, and I’m not even sure at what point this occured, I found myself squelching my creativity once more and using my gifts in regimental ways. I think I believed that in so doing I could reach a greater variety of people.

I was wrong. All that  happened was that I appeared generic, something I’ve always abhorred.

Even though I wasn’t happy and I wanted out, I found myself locked in place for time. How do you make the announcement that you’re sort of what you appear yet something altogether different?

Power hemorrhage to the nth degree!

Then the spirits made me painfully aware of the destructive spiral I was re-creating, in ways only spirits can. I baled the banana boat and focused on reclaiming my power.

Today I stand in my own power, a much more free and happy man. I know building and retaining power is a life long pursuit but it’s not difficult if you remain aware and take it one step at a time.







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