Into The Crucible

True witchcraft, (not the dress up and only pay attention to the spirits during sabbats, esbats and when convenient type)  isn’t easy. It alters your vision so you can truly see.

Reality is both glorious and terrible and once you see it, you can never return to innocence. Sometimes it will cause you to laugh in wild abandon and ecstasy. At others, it will have you curling into a foetal position and  crying in anguish.

In addition, witchcraft forces you to step up, become responsible and constantly transform. Refuse, stagnate or backtrack and madness will take you. Not because of some imagined punishment from a tyrannical force but because from your first transformation, your mind and body can never again find peace or contentment in the status quo.

Knowing this, why would anyone step into the crucible? What could possibly be worth such expansion and risk?

There are only two things, both absolutely essential to living happily and amicably in a savaged universe. They are knowledge and power.

With these keys, you can tap into all existence and work alongside it to heal, preserve and create new beautiful realities for all (beginning with you).

It saddens me that so many people treat witchcraft like an escapist game. They’re quick to dress up and act out parts during esbats and sabbats. However, when the rituals are over, they return home and continue on with ordinary, boring lives. Naturally, their costumes and scripts will be pulled out of their closets for the next play.

Witchcraft is not an entertainment to be so lightly treated. It’s a life call that consumes every inch of you.


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