Now Is The Time For Action

Once I believed the more people that awakened to their gifts the better the world would become. With more workers, Eden and Nirvana could be easily achieved.

To my sadness, my journey has proven this isn’t the case. In today’s world, a greater number are awakening  than when I wore a younger man’s skin but we’ve never been so close to Ragnarok (the end of days). Why?

Because the awakening alone is not enough. The ability to do miraculous deeds is not enough. Regardless of the title you choose (Shaman, Witch, Christian, Buddhist, or all around good guy/gal) your abilities are worth nothing unless they’re being used to make the Universe an exceptional place.

If we insist on using our vast power to serve only ourselves and for living out the disconnected ideals we’ve been handed down (eat, work, amass toys and die) there is no hope.

Life is about loving all and taking decisive actions to ensure the best outcomes for the Universe and all her inhabitants.

Awaken brothers and sisters, especially those that work with spirits, it’s time to step up and not be counted with those that still sleep.

See the sacredness in your gifts and walk away from those that would see them as entertainment or attempt to cling to them for security with no intentions of improving their or anyone else’s lot.

Even now, the horn of Heimdall nears his lips. Let’s give him a reason to return it to its resting spot.



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