One Hour EFT Session via Zoom

Why a one hour EFT session via Zoom?

Life is full of complications, traumas and obstacles. Much of the time you’re able to adapt and roll with them without suffering mental, emotional or physical discomforts and illnesses.

Occasionally, however, events, situations and people can overwhelm you and cause you to be filled with negative thoughts and unhelpful beliefs. When these get trapped in your body’s energy system they can produce all manner of adverse symptoms.

EFT is a therapy designed to help you release negative energies from your system so that you can find peace within. As your energies balance out and your mind, body and spirit is realigned, you’ll be capable of moving forward in a more positive and healing manner.

What is EFT?

EFT is a non-invasive, complementary therapy that combines talk therapy with acupressure, allowing you to explore the  emotional issues that support, aggravate and perhaps cause your current problems

In a one hour EFT session via zoom, we will discuss the things that are troubling you while tapping on specific acupressure points. It’s amazing how fast you may find relief from unhelpful beliefs, lack of confidence and past traumas, moving on from the things that are holding you back. Although there’s no guarantee, many problems are resolved in just one session.

What problems can a one hour EFT session via Zoom  help me with?

Because EFT works with your emotions on an energetic level, it can be used on any physical, mental or spiritual problem that causes you discomfort.

How do I book a one hour EFT session via Zoom?

Use the Buy Now button below to purchase your one hour EFT session via Zoom. Once I confirm your payment, I’ll contact you via email to arrange a date and a time to meet.

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