Piskies, Poltergeists And Prophets

It’s Beltane 2019 and I’m finally sitting down after a morning of running about.

Originally, Lyn and I had set out to visit two of our favourite business ladies. The trips should’ve been straightforward. However, because I’m a walker of worlds, it was anything but.

You’d think after all these years of travelling the web of the Wyrd (45 to be exact), I would have grown accustomed to frequent abnormalities. I haven’t. I’m just as shocked and pie eyed with each one. Uncomfortable? Yes, but also awe inspiring. My life is never ordinary.

Before going to the first of our visits in Southampton, we dropped by a charity shop to have a quick look around. From one of the shelves, a small voice called to me. I looked up and there sat a bronze piskie figurine, complete with piskie spirit housed within.

Beside the fact he called me by name, I knew right away that he was there for me because he was identical to a piskie I’d seen in a charity shop in Cornwall 10 years ago.

I’d foolishly left that piskie sitting glumly on a similar shelf on the contingency that I’d pick him up on the way back home if I still felt he was right for me. Thirty minutes later I knew he was. I rushed back to the shop only to find someone wiser than I had taken him.

For 10 years I’ve waited, knowing that if I was meant to work with the pixies another wold appear.

When I took today’s piskie to the counter, the volunteer reported he’d gone on the shelf just this morning and asked me what he was…..some sort of clown perhaps? When I told him, he shrugged his shoulders and said he’d never heard of such a thing. To help him picture it better or perhaps jog a memory, I told him it was similar to some of the smaller Fae. To that he rolled his eyes and said, “Mind you, it’s been awhile since I’ve read about things in juvenile culture.”

How funny (I laughed on the spot) and sad at the same time. Not so long ago everyone would’ve recognised a piskie. It’s just another sign of how we’re disconnected from the spirits of our lands (one of the reasons we’re in such a terrible state).

Prior to our second visit, we stopped at another charity shop (Are you detecting a pattern?). Inside I discovered a book on poltergeists by Colin Wilson. Judging it to be an excellent reference book, I broke my ‘no more books until you’re finished clearing some more out’ policy.

Smiling, I walked into our second visit sporting an Odinic wide brimmed hat with a piskie in one hand and a poltergeist book in the other as you do. It was there I met a prophet of sorts, a chakra and aura reader to be exact. Without any provocation, he walked up to me and told me what he knew about me from observing my chakras.

I could relate to everything he said. It was almost word for word what another spirit diviner had told me several months ago.

I must not be doing exactly what I should be just yet because the source keeps sending me prophets from different walks to remind me of my strengths and weaknesses.

In sincerity, I’m touched the source is so patient with me.

All of this and I’ve yet to attend the Beltane Festival I’ve got scheduled for tonight. The effects of the thinner veils are all too clear to me.

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