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  1. Wouldn’t you just love some of those carvings near the entrance of your home, I know I would. They are gorgeous and magical at the same time!

  2. That is such a wondrous time, most people never realize the gifts they get from the goddess…Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts…

  3. Fantastic post, Paul! Thanks for sharing part of your latest adventure with us. Finding mystical moments/minutes amidst the everyday is one of life’s greatest pleasures…if one is open to it. πŸ™‚

  4. Masterfully put, Paul! You’ve expressed what I have felt for a very long time, and shared with others, but not nearly as eloquently as you have here. Plus you put things well into perspective with a current cultural overview, then dipping down into a far deeper level, and finally concluding with projections into the future. Have you ever thought about being an English teacher? (Or History!!) Perhaps you’ve been there, done that! πŸ˜€ Anyway – I do so enjoy reading your posts. What a great team you and Lyn make! Despite the distance between us, I honestly feel that the two of you, and your family, could be my next-door neighbors – the very *best* kind – the kind you can talk with about anything, and trust implicitly. xx

  5. Paul, I’m intrigued! You’ve told us just enough to pique our curiosity! Can’t help but wonder what “old dreams” you feel that it’s time to shed…or, exactly, what new path you feel is yours to follow now, which you had expected to embark upon much later in life. Even pondering what the Goddesses could have done to you to make you want to…flee!!

    If you’d care to share more details, I, for one, would love to hear them.

    Okay – I’ll admit it! I’m NOSY…so sue me, LOL!! ;D xx

  6. We must shed on order to evolve in spirit and body. It is good practice to reflect on how far you have come and where the changes take place . That you can recognize and accept even the changes that were difficult ( but necessary ) is applaudable. None of us know the true destination of our Path , but like an adventure , the true beauty and learning experience comes from the Journey not the final stop. Journey on my friend !

  7. Just wonderful, Paul! This may be your best post yet. So true…and, especially, *thank you* for sharing some of your history with us. I can definitely envision you as a pastor…and also very clearly imagine the turmoil within and without which you experienced when you realized that the Christian faith is not the ONLY way to God! What guts it took for you to follow your heart and soul at that point – not many at all would be brave and honest enough to make the choices you did, and leave all of your hard work both in preparation and performance of your pastoral role. Not to mention your professional status and social position behind! I have even more respect for you now than I already did. xxx

  8. Awesome brother, not only to honor the sacred coffee in such a way but tohhonor the spirits and earth mother as well. And to sprinkle with salt and pepper add protection is ingenious blessed be my brother

  9. Paul, I absolutely love your website! It looks like I have lots of reading to catch up on! …And you have books? Where have I been?

  10. Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad that I find out this reading, because is giving me hope and help me to realize that we are so many out there experiencing similar emotions and feelings…well is good to know that we are not along. Thank you Xx

  11. Prior to relocating to AZ I was living in TX. I was only in TX for 8 months and did not find the group until after the first three months. So I did not learn much but there I began learning about Shamanic Journeying. I met with a group about twice a month and practiced a bit at home. During one of my practice sessions I met 4 individuals. It took a bit but I finally realized that these individuals were all me. All scared, scared, and broken. I did not at that time understand the signaficance of this journey. When I told the woman I was working with about it she told me each individual were parts of me that had broken off due to trauma and that my guides were showing me that I was strong enough to do a soul retrieval myself. I have not been back to that underwater cave since. In fact I have really not journeyed since. I tried a couple of times but was unable to focus, relax….I know I need a soul retrieval but I have not continued practicing/trying since I left TX. Prior to that experience I had some amazing journeys…its almost like they scared me off but the funny thing is I don’t feel fearful. If that makes any sense!

    1. It definitely makes sense Deb.

      It sounds to me like your system is attempting to heal, so it has brought you a sort of peace.

      My concern is that it might only be a temporary one designed to hold you until your soul retrieval.

  12. “I can’t clearly see all the things I need to manifest to get to that place.”

    Oh, how I understand! This is where we get to practice trust, trust, and more trust and putting one foot in front of the other.

  13. Beautiful! Very similar to how I ended up in Belize. A reminder that intent can be powerful. Even if all the details are not clear, the universe knows better then the human.

  14. Don’t they say that excitement are fear are the same thing. It’s just the way we relate to the given stimulus, the variable that swings our perception one way or another.

    Exciting times, I’m with you brother!

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