Spiders On The Web Of Wyrd

Although many don’t recognise it, we’re all spiders, spinning our fates between the worlds. Our web designs are complicated and none of the threads will lead us from point A to point B.

Regardless we all ultimately end up at all the same mainline junctures, where our choices then determine the specific destinations we find ourselves in. This makes us both same and unique. No life is identical in the web of Wyrd.

That’s what makes every choice you make at those junctures crucial. Your choices determine whether you’ll get the life of your dreams or some unexpected variation (One’s not necessairly better than the other because sometimes dreams are based upon ignorance). No pressure, right?

So how can you know you’ll make the best decisions when you hit those crucial points? In all honesty, you don’t. You can only make what seems the best choices at the time. That’s why you need to forgive yourself when and if you find you’ve madeĀ  horrible mistakes. Make restitution, if you can without further worsening the damage done (that’s only just), then let it go.

You can, however, guarantee that you’ll make a greater number of profitable decisions if you focus on both the short and long term effects they have upon yourself, your community, the spirits and the universe.

If you don’t believe your decisions to have that vast of an impact, I’d urge you to consider the butterfly effect



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