Energy work disclaimer

The energy work I perform, EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression are regarded as complementary and alternative therapies.  As such, they’re intended to work alongside conventional medical treatment and not to replace it.  In addition they shouldn’t be used for self-diagnosis or to replace professional advice.  You should always consult a licensed professional appropriate for your condition.

I don’t diagnose conditions, prescribe substances or treatment,  perform medical treatment, cure any specific concerns, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Whilst many people attest to remarkable changes after one of my energy sessions, I make no guarantee, promise, warranty or representation, either implied or stated, regarding the result of a session.

Spirit work disclaimer

As an urban shaman that takes my service to the spirits very seriously, it’s my responsibility to let you know that the energy workings I perform are personal expressions of my spiritual knowledge and belief system.

As such, they’re not intended to replace medical or financial advice. And though my energy works are genuine and have benefited many, I’m required by law to make the following disclaimer.

Energy work and psychic phenomena have yet to be scientifically proven. Until they are, no psychic endeavor or energy techniques can be guaranteed to be successful and therefore are to be considered for entertainment purposes only.

By contacting me for spirit work, you’re affirming you’ve read and understood the above.

Hypnosis consent form

I understand hypnosis induces a pleasant and voluntary state of relaxed concentration in which my conscious mind is relaxed and mostly inactive, and the doorway to my unconscious is opened with my permission. In this comfortable state, my senses will be heightened and my imagination activated in a controlled manner.

I understand I can’t be hypnotised against my will. I must be a willing subject and give Paul my full cooperation. I understand hypnosis is not about being under his power, it’s a cooperative relationship. I can’t be made to do anything I’m not willing to do and I must be willing and cooperative for the hypnosis to work.

When I enter hypnosis I will be aware of my surroundings. I’ll be relaxed, comfortable and focused. My conscious mind will be turned off and my unconscious mind will be aware of what’s going on.

I understand the chief requirements for being a good hypnotic subject are the desire to be hypnotised and to experience hypnosis, the willingness to cooperate and follow instructions, and trust.

I understand that Paul Thurman is in no way liable for the misuse of any hypnotic products.

I understand hypnosis as practiced by Paul Thurman is not a medical treatment, but a process whereby I’m taught to use my own abilities for my own benefit.  With this understanding, I hereby grant Paul  permission to hypnotise me.

By purchasing a hypnosis session from Paul Thurman I acknowledge that I understand and consent to these terms and conditions.