Picture this. You are having one of those days. Be it things at work or home, things are just off. Sitting down, you put on what you received in your email last night, and the voice over the recording is instantly soothing and calms you down and transports you to another space. Such is the work of Paul Thurman. He knows how to make you feel comfortable and safe. He also has vast knowledge of each subject he records meditations for. In addition to this amazing skill, his writing is always uplifting and as a friend, he is nothing short of amazing. Blessed by his place in my life, I can only say that if you work with him, you will be spellbound. Just like I am.


Texas, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul online about a year ago, and since then I have worked with him in Soul Path Tribe, Soul Path Magazine, and Inner Goddess Revolution. I have to tell you, Paul is amazing! He is such a sincere kindhearted man, as well as a wise man, and a true blessing.

Back in early February my work life took a sudden and shocking turn, causing my anxiety and depression to flare up big time! I was an emotional wreck, fearing the potential loss of my job, and the scary domino effect that would cause. I turned to Paul, requesting that he do a guided meditation for me to help me deal with my out of control emotions.

Being the wonderful being that he is, he inquired as to what I was dealing with exactly, then he supplied me with a soothing customized guided meditation with instructions to listen to it at least once a day for 30 consecutive days.

That very night, I put my headphones on and put the meditation on repeat to play all night as I slept. After a week (if that long) I began noticing the difference in my emotional state. I was less stressed, sleeping better, and my crying bouts eased up, eventually disappearing altogether. As instructed, I continued listening to the mediation for 30 days and was not disappointed.

The situation at work has not gotten any better (in fact it has worsened) but my depression disappeared and the anxiety calmed down to my occasional flare ups, which is very normal under these circumstances. I also found the courage to face the facts that I was entering a new phase of my life, which I needed to stop fighting and just accept.

I am currently in the process of moving on. Thanks to Paul I am embracing Change and looking forward to the potential of growth ahead.


Arizona, USA

I got to know Paul through his wife Lyn about 7 months ago. In that time I have got to know what a great guy he is. I love listening to his wonderful calming meditations. I enjoy reading his updates on Face Book to find out what he has been up to, and what great advice he has to offer. He is always available to chat about spiritual advice. He was kind enough to do an astral visit to my home for me and find out why I was having some unusual dreams and experiences in the home and the results were very interesting. I now feel very chilled at home and it feels very different. I am currently doing a course run by Paul and Lyn at the Soul Path School on the Craft of the Witch, I am so loving the course that it’s all I think about lol. Paul is a very genuine guy and a great friend.



Paul has this very unique way of making it seem as though you have always known each other. His meditations are amazing, and his voice is so calming. I know from experience that he is a very genuine man, and you can only benefit from working with Paul. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.


Texas, USA

“Paul Thurman is a Magickal man, a true Shaman in these troubled times. More than once he has helped me heal and brought back peace in my life when I needed it most. Not only did his hypnosis/inner journey visualisations bring me relief and a better sense of myself but they also empowered me to bring out my Inner Goddess and to love myself for who I am. Paul’s inner Wisdom and his great compassion make him a great Shaman and a lovely travel companion.”


The Netherlands

I have met Paul at the Tribe as a kindred spirit. I have learned only later that he is a shaman and in my humble opinion, a well-read and experienced one. This also translates into his hypnosis. Being a member of the Soul Path Tribe, I have been able to enjoy monthly hypnosis recordings, on various topics, which have been yielding wonderful results. But the more important part is, that I have worked with Paul on a private record for myself, on my fear of driving. He introduced me into hypnosis, we discussed about the desired result and he has made a private recording for myself. Paul has this talent to make you trust his voice, so that you turn the mind off and distract it, so that the hypnosis can work its wonders. And he also guides you safely back into reality. I am glad I asked for his help and I would gladly do so again.

Diana. S


The term Shaman usually brings to mind the image a headressed indigenous elder swaying to the trance like rhythm of tribal drums..but what a Shaman actually is and does is so much more necessary. The visionary ability to access the Inner worlds of dream-time and aid those whom might have lost their own personal power is a gift..a gift that Paul Thurman can share with his clients. Through divination, Guided meditations and personal insights he has shown to me the Spiritual Oneness that he himself lives and is gifted to share. I am proud to walk this path with him.

Sandy. N

New York, USA

Paul is a great teacher and source of information for the Shaman or Witch. He walks the ‘Razor’s Edge’ between the worlds of the Everyday Life, Spirit and Faery. Paul is my trusted confidante! My path is one of the Shaman. I can contact Paul with any question, experience or Journey that I do not understand. He will guide me to an answer as a Coyote teacher should! By making me find my own way with the help of suggestion, the hypnosis tapes, books, more Journeys or rituals. Even though I do not call myself a witch, I am enrolled in the Thurman’s Path of Illumination School for witches. Such a wonderful learning experience! A chance to study or work with Paul Thurman is an honor and a privilege.

Susan. T

Texas, USA

I met Paul online through the Soul Path Tribe and I knew from the start that he is a genuine, compassionate, wise, and perceptive healer. Paul took a personal interest in Asia, one of my feline companions, after seeing her photo, so I shared her story with him; a story of abandonment, abuse, and resulting behavior that was almost feral.

Within a week of sharing her story with Paul, there was a noticeable change in Asia – she clearly felt safer and more confident, and she actively started seeking connection with us humans as well as the rest of the cat clan. She also started purring (albeit a little croakily)!

I shared this amazing change with Paul and he said that all he’d done was think of her and send her energy whenever he saw her face. Remote energy healing was still a new concept to me at the time, and I was, and still am, awed by the incredible, gentle, healing power of Paul’s attention to Asia.

That was almost a year ago. Asia has continued to progress and now regularly seeks us out and sits on our laps, plays happily with her cat buddies, confidently commands her own space in the backyard, and has developed a frequent, loud, healthy, and happy purr.

A side effect of this wonderful experience is that I have begun to explore, with exciting results, my own gift for energy healing with animals.

I am deeply grateful to Paul for helping bring Asia back to her true self, and to us, and for helping me on my own path back to my true self too.


Oregon, USA