Thank You Demon- Sorry Its Been So Long Coming

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to share my tale of what brought me to the magickal path. I relived every second of the experience as I shared about the demon and the portal in my room.

Since the re-telling, my mind has casted me back to that point of time over and over. Until this morning I couldn’t figure out why. The re-telling wasn’t just a chance to communicate my past with another, it was a chance to realise some truths vital to my walk.

The demon I perceived to be tormenting me when it threatened to make my life a living hell was a messiah in disguise, a spirit sent to challenge me to accept my strengths and prepare me to volunteer to step into horrible places I wouldn’t have gone willingly.

It did these things not out of hate but out of a love I was too young and inexperienced to understand. It used my terror and my anger to prepare me for my calling.

Had it not been for my experience with it I’d never:

  • Been aware of portals, other spirits to interact with or the multiverse
  • Had a heart and understanding of why people are capable of great good as well as great evil
  • Learned to travel the multiverse and return to my time and place with helpful remedies for self and others
  • Overcome my fear of death
  • Become a Pastor, Witch or Shaman
  • Known of my gifts (those I share with others as well as those unique to me)

So this year when I walk the labyrinth in celebration for the return of the light, I will also cherish the darkness and thank the demon that made me so uncomfortable that I willingly stepped through my first portal and claimed my power for the first time.

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