The Day Of Reckoning

Today was the day of reckoning and it didn’t sit well with me. I’d been procrastinating and making excuses to hold the event off but I knew I couldn’t keep it up forever. Finally I bowed my knee to the fact that today was it.

I felt hopeful and anxious all the way to the store, desperate to know but terrified of being disappointed. What brought all these polar thoughts and emotions together? Nothing less than trying on a pair of jeans one waist size less than the ones I’m currently wearing.

During my juice detox I appeared to have lost a fair amount of weight (not my intention or goal when I went on the detox). I chose to wait at least a couple of weeks after adding solid foods back into my diet before finding out if there was any reduction to my waistline. Today marks three weeks.

When I searched the racks I couldn’t find a pair of jeans in my size. Setback, yes, but I had to know. I just had to. I grabbed a pair that was two inches too long and headed for the fitting rooms, dreading what the mirror would reveal.

Adding to my angst was the atmosphere. The fitting rooms were all full save one. I passed a family standing outside an open door, loudly complimenting and praising their child’s choice of clothing. Further I went; finally, occupying a room next to a small lady that appeared as uncomfortable as I with us being ┬áneighbours.

Once in, I bolted the door, took a few deep breaths and mentally prepared for any eventuality. I gave my double in the mirror a good luck thumbs up just prior to dropping my jeans and pulling on the ones with the desired waist size.

I buttoned and zipped them without having to strain. That was a good sign indeed. They felt wonderful. I looked in the mirror to see my reflection grinning from ear to ear. We were both impressed with the look, save the length. That looked clownish.

Just before I let out an almighty whoop, I remembered where I was. Quietly, I put my soon to be retired baggy jeans on and walked out of the fitting rooms glowing.

What an awesome way to start the day!


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