The Empress in my life

Once she’s through running her fingers through my hair and beard, I laugh merrily and smile warmly at her. I’ve run into the Empress many times under a variety of names.

She always appears when I’ve lost my focus and I’m sliding into a state of self pity, in those times when I’m having trouble remembering just how blessed I am.

When I was a child, she appeared in the forms of my mother, a neighbour, and a counselor, to name a few. In later life she took the forms of my girlfriends, spiritual sisters, mentors and wife.


With each visit she holds me reassuringly and allows me to blow off steam. When I’m spent, she cocks an eyebrow, and the humbling begins. She’s never abrasive, though I’ve often thought it would be easier if she was.

Eyes dancing and voice brimming with compassion, she simply names my blessings for me, one by one. When she’s done, I wonder how I ever let myself get so out of whack.

Save those times of self pity, that are thankfully becoming further between as I get older, I see the mark of the Empress everywhere.

She takes my pie in the sky dreams, they’re the only ones my mind will entertain, and shows me how to bring them into reality in practical ways.

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